PD 100W Laptop Power Adapter Connector for Asus Dell Lenovo Notebook Dc Plug USB Type-C Female to DC Male Jack Plug Converter




PD 100W Laptop Power Charger Supply Adapter Connector USB Type-C Female to DC Male Jack Plug Converter for Acer Samsung Ultrabook ASUS 19V Lenovo Ideapad 20V Lenovo Asus Toshiba HP 19.5V Dell 19.5V Notebook
With a buckle hole design, equipped with a lanyard and a key ring, it is exquisite and compact, easy to carry, and not easy to lose.
With a PD power supply of as many watts as a laptop power supply, this line can carry a power supply below 65W. Overloading of the PD power supply will cause the PD power supply to burn.
With PD fast charging kit, it is convenient for one-second conversion and compatibility.
With Type-C data cable and PD charger, it can get rid of cumbersome charging cables and improve office efficiency.
Suitable for notebooks, PC, computers, etc.

Name: Type-C Female to DC Male Adapter
Material: Zinc alloy
Power: 100W
Current: 5A
Application: Laptop, etc.
Weight: 16g
The dimensions and applicable models are as follows:
3.0mm*1.1mm for Acer Samsung Ultrabook
4.0mm*1.35mm for ASUS 19V 2.37A, 19V 3.42A
4.0mm*1.7mm for Lenovo Ideapad 20V 2.25A, 20V3.25A
5.5mm*2.5mm for Lenovo Asus Toshiba…laptop adapter
4.5mm*3.0mm for HP 19.5V 3.33A 19.5V 4.62A (the plug interface is blue)
4.5mm*3.0mm for Dell 19.5V 2.31A, 19.5V 3.34A, etc.
2.5mm * 0.7mm/0.1×0.03in, applicable for ASUS 19V / 1.58A, etc
3.5mm * 1.35mm/0.14×0.05in 18.5v-20.0v, suitable for computers and digital equipment
4.8mm * 1.7mm/0.19×0.07in, applicable for HP18.5v/3.5a, etc
5.0mm * 1.0mm/0.2×0.04in applicable for Samsung
5.5mm * 1.7mm/0.22×0.07in, applicable for Acer 19v / 3.42A, etc
5.5mm * 2.1mm/0.22×0.08in, 18.5v-20.0v, suitable for monitoring and hard disk box, etc
6.0mm * 0.6mm/0.24×0.02in, applicable for ASUS computer, etc
7.4mm * 5.0mm/0.3×0.2in, applicable for Dell / HP, etc

Although our cables and plugs can support 100W maximum power. It still needs strong support from your USB C adapter or mobile power supply. Your USB C adapter or mobile power supply should have enough power to support your laptop. This is very important. For example, if your laptop inputs 19.5V 4.62a 90W, your USB Type C adapter should not be less than 90W, otherwise it can’t! Please check carefully before buying.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 X Plug Converter

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